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Smart Cities Innovation Accelerator at Harvard: Global Strategies for 2020 (Recap Report)

City leaders and innovators convened in Boston to discuss innovation strategies in an accelerator moderated by TECH.

An innovation accelerator event was recently held in Boston, hosted at Harvard University by Technology Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard (TECH), where city leaders and innovators convened to discuss strategies to help advance inclusive urbanization in cities in 2020.

The downloadable recap report below highlights discussions in which urban leaders from cities, companies and communities shared their plans, challenges and questions regarding how to best plan for 2020:

  1. Blockchain in the Cities: Is This Emerging Technology for Real?
  2. Global Innovation Dialog
  3. Delivering the Ultimate Customer Service Experience: What Cities Can Learn by Thinking Like a Business
  4. Inspiring Civic Innovation: Real-World Strategies that Work
  5. Lost in Translation: How to Bridge the Divide between Partners, Departments and Communities
  6. Insights from Industry: Fireside Chat with Carlos Menendez
  7. Two Big Challenges for Cities of All Sizes

What priorities should you be focused on in 2020, and how might you tackle those challenges? Download to learn more.

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Report: Smart Cities Innovation Accelerator at Harvard

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