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Pinpointing Economic Trends with Mastercard’s Retail Location Insights

Economic development is vital to any city’s future, and at the local level, retail activity is essential for expansion. But even connected smart cities often lack the resources to analyze robust retail data for growth opportunities. 

Using aggregated and anonymized transaction data, Mastercard’s Retail Location Insights provides cities and businesses with valuable neighborhood and region-specific economic insights. By pinpointing trends in real time and providing benchmarks to compare cities to their peers, Mastercard’s data can help policymakers and key stakeholders make smart decisions about the future of urban planning.

The Retail Location Insights can guide the city’s planning strategy, and provide insights into what types of businesses are most likely to flourish in a specific location, as well as what types of retailer mixes could drive higher growth. Mastercard’s insights also offers an easy-to-use heat map interface that allows users to track growth trends in local neighborhoods, and provides opportunities to understand local economic disparities through spending trends.

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