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Harvard TECH

The Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard (TECH) is based on the belief that boundaries — between disciplines, people, organizations, and ideas — need to be crossed continually to create the insights that lead to innovations because socially useful and commercially viable advancements require the right mix of scientific and engineering knowledge, entrepreneurial know-how, and worldly perspective.

TECH enables this holistic exploration by serving as a crossroads of innovation education.  Operation from within the John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences — an interdisciplinary science and technology institution that draws from its close connection to Harvard’s undergraduate liberal arts tradition and its graduate schools — TECH sponsors and supports many opportunities for the innovation community to gather and exchange knowledge including courses, study groups, mentorship relationships, and special events.

The TECH initiative in city innovation is one example of TECH’s collaborative approach. In collaboration with with Mastercard’s Citypossible, TECH convenes global cities to discuss, learn and share ideas. As part of this, a forum was created for the dialog between global cities where ideas can be shared within minutes from across the globe. Learn more here.

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