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Mastercard City Key™ Partner Program: Expediting Access to City Services

COVID-19 has accelerated the demand for governments to embrace the shift to digital and ensure equitable access to services for residents by taking steps to bridge the digital divide.​ Too often, millions of city residents are excluded from opportunity and shut out from the digital economy, making it difficult to reach them for economic and housing aid, safe transit options and other essential services. Correcting these inequalities is the key to a prosperous future for all.

The rapid integration of technology into all aspects of city government will narrow rather than widen divides only if cities make equity a central goal of their technology innovations. Through Mastercard City Key, we’re helping unlock more possibilities for people and businesses by helping city leaders connect communities with integrated city services. Mastercard City Key is a payment program designed to help governments and local agencies unlock greater financial inclusion, community reach and engagement across a variety of segments. The solution helps local governments engage their residents more simply, inclusively, and cost effectively.. Mastercard City Key is highly customizable and can be used for a variety of resident needs ranging from social disbursements to transit access. A Mastercard City Key program is already deployed in over 25 cities globally.

Given the demand of local governments to empower their residents and visitors with Mastercard City Key solutions, Mastercard has invited its partners across the city ecosystem – from card manufacturers to financial institutions – to participate in the newly created Mastercard City Key Partner Program. The Mastercard City Key Partner Program will use collective experience and partner resources to empower city leaders with information, tools, technology and services that will scale and streamline Mastercard City Key deployments faster and more effectively. To date, a variety of financial Institutions, program managers, card manufactures, and technology partners have joined the program including Mobility Capital Finance (MoCaFi), Usio, Onbe, Transcard, and IDEMIA.

The Mastercard City Key Partner Program will provide members of the City Possible™ network with critical resources around the technical requirements, best practices, physical or digital card specifications and connections to the various partners required to deliver a seamless City Key experience.

Hear from some of our partners who have benefited from the Mastercard City Key Partner Program:

  • Eric Pearson, President and CEO of the El Paso Community Foundation commented, “Mastercard played a huge role in helping people financially struggling through the pandemic. We were able to activate more than a million dollars to help people with basic necessities— quickly and efficiently— and we were able to see the effects right away.  The team and the technology helped our community keep its heart beating strong.”
  • Stacy Johnson, Executive Director, La Paz commented, “The most important thing La Paz can do as an organization during this global pandemic is continue to advocate for inclusion of the Latinx community and ensure access to services and important information. Our La Paz team is working alongside so many amazing partners like Usio, City Possible and others in our local community. We ask you to join us and share this important information so that no one is uninformed.”
  • Tonia Williams, President and CEO of the Greater Washington Community Foundation commented, “The Greater Washington Community Foundation has been working with Usio for two phases around a local effort to provide needed financial assistance to excluded workers who were not eligible for federal stimulus. Usio has been a great to work with and has helped our nonprofit partners distribute prepaid cards to our residents quickly and efficiently.”

How do I get involved?

A prospective partner would be required to sign an agreement in order to join the program and would provide content about their company and functionality offered to integrate and promote on where Mastercard’s network of cities across the globe can find more information and resources about Mastercard City Key.

Cities interested in accessing resources can do so through by contacting the City Possible team here.

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