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Identifying Opportunities to Advance Economic Mobility in US Cities

Mastercard and the Center for Inclusive Growth have announced the findings of a multi-city inclusive growth initiative and three new grants supporting research and programs to help ensure more Americans can benefit from a growing economy. The report highlights key insights from visits to seven US cities – Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Oakland, Columbus, St. Louis and Washington, DC – and discussions with public and private sector leaders from more than 100 organizations. Below you will find the executive summary, video and links to the full report and press release.

Executive Summary

Economic opportunity and work are in the midst of a seismic shift in America, challenging policymakers, advocacy organizations, and the public and private sectors to create better pathways for inclusive growth. Employment and its associated benefits are evolving rapidly, new work skills are in demand, living costs are on the rise in many cities and incomes are more volatile. Poverty is expanding to the suburbs, the middle class is shrinking and nearly one-third of the US population – more than 100 million people – lives at or below 200% of the poverty line.

Too many Americans remain disconnected from the vital networks and resources they need to thrive in today’s economy: information, technology, financial services, education, transportation and affordable housing, among others. Yet with

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