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Guide: How to Access Mastercard City Insights

A step-by-step guide for Global Network member cities

Exciting News for Global Network Members

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Mastercard City Insights, a reimagined digital resource providing access to apps, tools and partner solutions, exclusively available to City Possible Global Network member cities.

City leaders looking for data-driven insights to help monitor, assess and respond to the financial and economic health of their communities, now have a wide breadth of resources they can leverage.

A Marketplace for Apps, Tools and Resources

Cities can now access an growing list of apps, tools and resources provided by an impressive list of Mastercard and partner teams, including:

  • The Brookings Institution
  • The Center for Inclusive Growth
  • Cyber Readiness Institute
  • Global Cyber Alliance
  • The Urban Institute
  • The Washington Post
  • Zencity

Among the resources available are custom Insight Reports from Zencity – a City Possible partner and graduate of the Mastercard Start Path program — which transform sentiment analysis data into action for more effective and efficient decision-making.

Access to data driven insights has proven critical for informing response to the pandemic, with our data tools currently supporting over 50 state and local governments through Mastercard’s Recovery Insights initiative.

How to Access Mastercard City Insights

Accessing Mastercard City Insights is fairly straightforward:

1. Your city should be a City Possible Global Network member

Mastercard City Insights is available to Global Network members only. If your city has not yet joined the Global Network, please reach out to our team to join. There is no cost to your city. Over 220+ member and candidate cities around the world have already joined as of November.

You can learn more about the City Possible Global Network here.

2. Create your own City Possible community account

Create your own City Possible account to get access to the City Possible community portal. Your account immediately gets you access to a repository of shared resources and best practices available through the portal, that everyone has access to.

Note: You will need to use an official city government email address to get access to City Insights in step #3 below. (For example, an email address ending with a .gov or other government domain extension.)

3. Activating Mastercard City Insights for your account

If your city is a Global Network member city, and you’ve created a personal City Possible community account, our team will be able to activate your access to Mastercard City Insights!

Just reach out to your City Possible Relationship Manager, and he or she will grant your account access to the growing list of features Mastercard City Insights has to offer.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions, or run into any issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you!

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