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Unleashing Cities’ Collective Superpower

Mar 09, 2019

Tune in to listen to Miguel Gamino Mastercard EVP of Global Cities talking about City Possible, the collective force of cities and creating a positive impact on people’s lives with Ali Al-Azzawi of City Experience Advisor or Smart Dubai, Nicole Flatow Editor at CityLab, and Maya Wiley Professor and SVP for Social Justice at The New School

Whether New York, Sydney, Buenos Aires or Amsterdam, cities across the globe are looking at how they can deliver better services for their citizens. From inclusive access to daily necessities such as employment and education to supporting local economic growth, ensuring prosperity for all is top of mind for all cities, no matter their location. By bringing cities together to work with each other, focused on people and daily experiences, alongside industry and academic partners, we break down siloes, accelerate inclusive growth and better solve global urban challenges. This collective force is a superpower, giving cities the ability to collectively advance irrespective of challenge or geography and positively impact people’s lives.

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