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Time to check in: Protecting and rebuilding the tourism economy

Nov 19, 2020

International tourism is one of the industries most severely and visibly impacted by global governments’ measures aimed at curtailing the pandemic. The UNWTO reported a 98 per cent fall in international tourist numbers in May 2020, compared to May 2019; and the decline in tourism numbers from January 2020 – May 2020 alone translated into an estimated $320 billion lost in international tourism receipts.

With one in ten people employed globally estimated to work in travel and tourism, the industry is among the most vital to livelihoods and economies across the globe.

Governments will need to take centre stage to drive recovery, and work with the private sector to create a more resilient sector for the long-term – considering both health and economic challenges.

At this Global Government Forum/Global Government Fintech webinar, we will discuss: the challenges faced by the tourism industry; the areas in which public and private sector collaboration can mitigate the impact of the pandemic; and how governments can harness technology to accelerate recovery – from COVID-19 ‘health passes’ to data analytics.

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