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Local Government: New Zealand

Aug 29, 2019

New Zealand maintains an intricate patchwork of 78 distinct local governments across two distinct island geographies. This hugely varied country, with a unique diversity of people, industries and topographies, has given rise to distinct local communities, each demanding vastly different governance and citizen service models. Technology has served to bridge the oftentimes-vast development gap between these discrete local governments, supporting greater interoperability and information sharing among councils, as well as servicing citizens’ unique demands.

The program will showcase breakthrough digital innovations and government technologies, featuring senior leaders at the forefront of local government innovation.

Key discussion points include:

  • Organisational and cultural change spurred by technology transformation
  • Gender representation and equitability movement in IT
  • IoT innovation ecosystem and deployment of connected ‘smart sensor’ technologies
  • Smart cities best practices
  • Community engagement and collaboration in digital innovation
  • Digital transformation journeys of local government
  • Citizen data insights and lessons on analytics and machine learning

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