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City Possible event- Data-driven tourism: Reviving Nordic city travel with real-time data

May 20, 2021

The Covid -19 pandemic has presented significant challenges for the tourism industry on a local and global level. As vaccinations pick up, businesses and travelers are preparing for reopening of the world, and the entire tourism industry is trying to understand how to meet the needs of travelers to make their return to the road, the rails and the sky a smooth one.

Is there an opportunity to support faster tourism recovery in the Nordics by accessing real-time data, understanding traveller preferences and leveraging what our region provides as a competitive advantage for prioritized segments and markets?

This workshop will gather thought leaders from the Mastercard organization and beyond to discuss the rationale for enhanced use of data-driven decisions and regional cooperation on tourism growth and economic resilience with a focus on addressing the tourism recovery in the Nordics. It will also present City Possible, an urban solutions network powered by Mastercard, to discuss how cities can collaborate on solving today’s biggest urban challenges.

Among others, one of our local partners, Göteborg & Co will be joining us. They are developing a unique digital platform, where high-level spending insights based on aggregated, anonymized activity within Mastercard’s network will be combined with high-level insights from other sources and be made available to local actors, such as hotels, restaurants, retailers and travel organizers.

Join the discussion on our live-streamed workshop on May 20th, 12.30-14.00 CET, broadcasted throughout the Nordics.

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