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5G CityView Innovation Accelerator at Dublin (Recap Report)

City leaders and innovators convened in Dublin to discuss 5G innovation strategies in an accelerator moderated by TECH.

5G technology has arrived, and is rolling out globally. The technology is constantly evolving, as are the policies governing it.

At the 5G CityView Innovation Accelerator convened by Technology Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard (TECH) and hosted by Dublin City Council, city leaders, innovators and technologists explored the impact of 5G technology on governments and citizens.

Download the Recap Report to read highlights from discussions at the accelerator. Covered topics include:

  1. Why 5G Matters
  2. The Road to 5G
  3. What Exactly Is 5G
  4. 5G: Opportunities and Challenges for Cities
  5. 5G in Action
  6. The Future of 5G

Learn how cities like yours are preparing for the present and future of 5G.

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How are cities addressing 5G?

5G CityView Innovation Accelerator (Recap Report)

PDF (1.63 MB) Download

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