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5 Questions with Wole C. Coaxum, President and CEO at MoCaFi

An esteemed speaker at the City Possible Summit 2020

See Wole C. Coaxum at the City Possible Summit! Wole will take part in the “Innovation for Inclusion: Bridging the Digital Divide” panel. Register now by visiting citypossible.com/summit.

5 Questions

What’s your hope for the future of cities?

Our hope is that cities view financial services as infrastructure, similar to bridges, roads and tunnels, and that they make the investment in making that financial infrastructure available to everyone

What roadblock to inclusive urbanization do you experience the most and would remove if you could?

A common understanding that not everyone has access to low-cost financial services options.  Often decision-makers haven’t experienced want and don’t have an appreciation for the challenges that face people who do not have access to things that others may take for granted.  Enabling decision-makers and policy setters to see and understand the challenges that different communities face would be a terrific roadblock to remove.

What’s the most exciting opportunity for cities?

Evaluating their infrastructure and thinking about it in the context of how they can use their reach to bring more individuals and small businesses into the digital economy.  Embracing this trend will create a pathway for equality for so many that are currently being left behind.

Have your role objectives/priorities changed in recent months in response to covid-19?

Yes If so, how? Moving quickly with safe and secure financial solutions that allow people to access resources has become priority # 1.

What motto do you live by and why?

If there is no struggle, there is no progress. -Frederick Douglass.  Changing communities and lives is hard and requires a fight. But the output and impact are powerful.

About Wole C. Coaxum

Wole C. Coaxum is the Founder and CEO of Mobility Capital Finance, Inc. (“MoCaFi”). Prior to starting MoCaFi in 2016, Wole served as Managing Director at JPMorgan Chase where he held a series of leadership positions in Business Banking, Card Services, and Treasury & Securities Services. He also previously held senior positions at both Willis North America and Citigroup. Wole currently serves as a Trustee of Phillips Exeter Academy and a board member of the Roosevelt Institute. He has a Master of Business Administration degree with a concentration in Finance from New York University, a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in History from Williams College and studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Exeter College, Oxford University.

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