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Imagine how much more is possible when we all work together to lift up our cities

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What is City Possible?

City Possible™ is a new model for urban innovation in which a global network of cities, businesses, academics and communities work together to make the world’s cities more inclusive and sustainable.

Why does it matter?

The future of our world depends on the health of our cities.

The extreme pace of urbanization is affirming cities across the world as drivers of economic growth, innovation, global leadership, and, above all, as magnets for people looking for a better life.

With growth comes major challenges. Cities and the private sector have begun to address these issues. Yet too often, private enterprises focus on fixing a specific problem while cities are looking for roadmaps to transform their whole operations.

Meaningful change demands a fundamental change in the way city and business leaders work together.

City Possible aims to build a path towards a sustainable urban future focused on the needs and dreams of people.

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Voices of Cities


    “Athens has acquired deep expertise in public-private partnerships and we are extremely excited to join the City Possible program. Mastercard is a key partner and we are already working closely to enhahnce the city’s tourism and technology sector. By joining this global initiave, we continue to work towards developing smart city solutions. Sharing best practices and knowledge with other cities is the best way moving forward.”

    — Georgios Kaminis, Mayor, City of Athens


    “The City of Aurora is honored to collaborate with private and public innovators to help solve a variety of challenges from public safety, economic development and digital equality through the use of smart technology. Successful innovation is greater than just technology alone. It requires the ability to generate ideas from across the board and the proven capacity to implement them for improved City services.”

    — Richard C. Irvin, Mayor, Aurora, IL


    “Joining City Possible represents a step forward in Curitiba’s innovation program and further enhances our commitment to our social and urban development strategy. Having the opportunity to learn from challenges overcome by other cities, sharing best practice and making intelligent use of data to inform decision making is the true promise of working collaboratively to better serve our people.”

    — Cris Alessi, President at the Curitiba Development Agency, City of Curitiba


    “The core of Smart Cities is built on the premise of knowledge and experience sharing. Joining Mastercard’s City Possible network opens a global array of use cases Dubai can learn from and contribute to. We have already begun working on our first collaborative project with Mastercard, where we are analyzing their data to provide insights on current and future performance levels of Dubai’s economy. Through the network we look forward to working on several cross-border projects with cities across the globe.”

    — Younus Al Nasser, Assistant Director General, Smart Dubai & CEO, Dubai Data Establishment


    “We are delighted that Dublin is a founding member of Mastercard’s City Possible initiative. We strongly believe that successful cities of the future will be the ones that embrace a shared collaboration model and work alongside industry, academia and entrepreneurs to solve city challenges, improve service delivery while also delivering the best outcomes for its citizens.”

    — Jamie Cudden, Smart City Lead, Dublin City Council


    “As the power of cities in the global arena is growing so does the responsibility we share. We are proud to be a founding member of City Possible and explore this new approach to solving urban challenges together with global cities and the private sector.”

    — Jan Vapaavuori, Mayor, Helsinki


    “Honolulu is excited and honored to be part of City Possible. Our city sits in the most isolated chain of islands on the planet, but our vibrant population has tapped new technologies to both stay connected and innovate on the world stage. City Possible will help us shape our preferred future and bring to life a powerful vision for both residents and our 10 million annual visitors alike. Honolulu is proud to host the 2019 US Conference of Mayors, where government and global technology leadership gather on an annual basis to explore cities of the future. Our partnership with MasterCard and City Possible will be a highlight of the mayors’ Honolulu experience.”

    — Kirk Caldwell, Mayor, City of Honolulu


    “Kansas City is proud to partner with Mastercard and Civic Leaders from around the world to develop Smart and sustainable solutions to chronic problems that all mayors face: education, economic opportunity and civic efficiency. ‘Smart Cities’ solutions and programs are not about technology–they are about people, and how we can use technology as a tool to improve the quality of life for our residents and visitors. We are excited to be part of the global network of City Possible communities that are collaborating to use tech and policy as complementary tools to establish 21st Century Communities for 21st Century Citizens.”

    — Mayor Sly James


    “Madre de Deus is a forward-thinking city with purpose of building an intelligent society through technology platforms and knowledge management. Education, innovation and sustainability are core values for us. We know that building public-private partnerships can create a strong network, able to install one experience framework. Through the network we look forward to working on cashless projects, integrating card payment with public policy, consolidating a great public-private governance, driven by innovation.”

    — Igor OliveiraInnovation Secretary


    “As a city fuelled by a burgeoning knowledge economy, Melbourne is incredibly excited to embrace new opportunities and connect with the world through the City Possible program. Through our Smart City office we’re keen to share the data, knowledge and insights we’ve gathered while we explore and adopt innovative solutions being used globally to solve some of the major challenges faced by growing cities in the 21st century.”

    — Lord Mayor Sally Capp ,City of Melbourne


    “Prague has the ambition to become one of the world leaders in the field of collection and analysis of city data. We believe that data will be essential for the cities of the future. The city of Prague looks forward to joining the City Possible program to tap into best practices among world cities and strengthen our urban economy based on knowledge and innovations.”

    — Michal Fiser, Chairman of the Board, Operator ICT, Prague


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